Saturday, February 21, 2009

Resolving Resolutions

So two more months are almost up in what looks to be yet another addition to my lackluster life. And conforming to precedents, i made two resolutions. one is still going strong ( i would continue to wallow in self mockery and self pity) while i have fallen off the wagon on the other.

i made a solemn vow to shed that ugly bulge that manages to make itself prominent on the sides. and just about everywhere else. i made this solemn promise while looking into the mirror (eye of the tiger in the background).. and couldnt help notice my triple chin do the best imitation of a ripple. when i growled.. or was that my stomach?

wish i could cut to a montage of me running on the beach, lifting heavy trunks of wood, smashing blocks of concrete, changing the earth's orbit with my pushups etc. and finally, coming back to the mirror and marvelling at the rock hard abs and rippling biceps.. keyword - " WISH"..

woke up for three mornings straight, and proceeded to sleep straight away. getting ready for office is tough right?

evenings fared no better. somehow, coming home always coincided with dinner. which can't be postponed AT ANY COST!! but something had to give somewhere..

enter brainwave, bulb lighting up, apples falling from trees, bath tubs and the like... i found the perfect formula.. no carbs, no proteins, no fats... no problem..

how much time does it take for laser to come back from the moon? how much time does it take for a chocolate bar to enter the mouth? that's about how long my resolution lasted..

end result, i have to get myself new pair of pants, shirts and shoes.. but hey, dont knock it. i am a member of the time honored " Healthy Indian" club. i dont mind that i leave a lasting impression on the road, or that it takes 5 people to sit in the back, to balance the taxi out. or that the lift screams in agony whenever some moron steps in with me.. seriously those people need to lose weight...

see, my brutal honesty is intact as ever. now if you dont mind, i have that wonderful milkshake to catch up with.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Truly (Aspirin)g ?

5 days from now, messrs hallmark & co will shell out huge advertising dough to convince everyone about the potency of love at first sight. meanwhile, a couple of rockheads in india will be out for blood, rounding up more hapless college goers, who just want a bit of privacy.

i have never bought into the whole hoopla of first impressions. there have been lots of times when the book turned out to be much better than the cover. one such case is the netbook that my sis got for herself.
ostensibly, the netbook was to be utilised for academic pursuits. basically, i got her the cheapest netbook that i could find which happened to be the Acer Aspire One. Running on an Intel Atom processor, with 512 MB ram and 8 GB SSD drive, in a small package that throws in a 9 inch display with wifi. sweet deal with the linux option.

although i scoffed at this weakling initially, i must admit that as time has flown, i prefer using it to my godzillaic 17 inch presario laptop. and the Linpus Lite linux distro grows on you like a charm. getting the VLC, Open Office rpms from the yum installer was simple, and installing the NTFS debian package also made it read my external hard disks.

nifty and nimble. boots in 20 seconds flat. easy to lug around in a backpack, and attracts the right kind of looks. the only downer is that the battery lasts for 2 and a half hours, with the 3 cell version that i bought, although a more expensive 6 cell battery option is there.

desktop replacement it aint. but for practical portability, this one is hands down the best deal on the planet, which i had for 999 AED (around 250 $ i think).

kudos for intel and the atom, for making the netbook a reality. however, it's more of a case of intel cannibalizing it's lineup. lets face it, why splurge 400 $ upwards for basic functionality? in these times?

Friday, February 06, 2009

the great depression

little tommy only knows
his house is his no more.
his mom is moving him somewhere else
little tommy bids goodbye to beloved shores.

there is mohammed, worrying about
his father's land that will now be sold.
and his feeble protests fall on ears deaf,
as roots are severed, to stock up the gold.

IT meister Arjun sighs,
as the pink slip greets him.
all those loans for a house and car,
have claimed another victim.

Peter Han is worried sick, as
his stocks obey the laws of gravity.
mountains of unsold goods touch the sky,
but the base reeks of depravity.

history repeating itself again,
once again we succumbed to greed.
countless tears that have been shed,
hopes and ambitions bleed.

is there an end in sight?
i dont know.
will tomorrow be a better place to be?
i dont know.

perhaps this is a passing cloud,
not a thunderstorm.
but dreams shall endure
when nightmares come true,
tis our curse to carry on.

21 questions

why is despondency so hard to shake off?
why does each day make me loathe 8 to 5:30 jobs?
why does an uncertain future scare the $%^& out of me?
why am i doing what i am doing?
why does everything seem so meaningless?
how can i be so tired of living when i havent even lived half of it?
is it good or bad to want to leave one's home?
why does guilt always accompany any answer to the above question?
what does one have to show for 40 years of service?
how come, no matter how much progress we make, the middle class never becomes affluent?
why cant one shake off worries and take risks in life?
why does one long for solitude and then subsequently long for company?
all of us speak. does anyone really understand us?
is leaning towards deism a step towards heresy?
why do we create borders when only 30 % of the earth is land?
if all the world is the stage and we are all the players, where the hell is the audience?
does anything that we do really matter?
is life really hell and death our redemption?
are these the questions triggered by a recession?
why am i so prone to fatalism?
why are you still reading this?