Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the hidden secret

you know, amidst all the hype, about the tremendous BOMB blast, at a prominent VC's residence recently,( which turned out, not to be a bomb, after all), one detail in the world around us, got unnoticed.

save for the dedicated brethren, who still uphold, the centuries hallowed tradition, of bunking college and dredging their way, to the cinema, closest to their coll, none else, have bothered to note, the alarming rise, in ticket costs, all around chennai.

before you brush it off, as a one off thing, only at satyam, let me assure you, that even at the best theaters, like udayam, and Kasi, one can now purchase, what was once, a Princely,40 bucks, wow you must be rich, box seat, for a now, you definitely need a credit card, 70 BUCKS!!! and at satyam, it's fairly simple. you just pay twice as much as you used to, to come out and crib about the movie later on.

and on a side note, for the last 2 days, there is no ZEE sports on air, even as i speak.. just as teh tri series is going on..

something smells fishy here you know.. and it's not just karawadu