Thursday, March 06, 2008

State of the Hardware

Wow, what a huge change in the landscape between my last post and this one. While Intel still remains the king of the hill, AMD has atleast brought the Phenom to life. While the Barcelona is a long way off from even matching the Wolfdale, much less the Penryn( let’s leave overclocking a long way back please), it does hit the sweet spot on the wallet.

Look at it this way, a Phenom, coupled with a 790 mobo leaves you with enough money to splurge on a 9600 GT or a 3870 card. And a 700 Watt PSU. Plus the fact that most games aren’t optimized for dual cores even today, leaves a lot of headroom for the future.

Personally though, I must admit that the PC’s gaming days seem to be numbered. I have been a keyboard mouse faithful for ever since I can remember, but having purchased a 360 last year, I can confidently say, that for the same amount of money, no PC can guarantee a smooth experience for the next 3 years atleast.

If you are looking to get a console, get the PS3. with the victory of the Blu Ray, and the upcoming metal gears solid 4, the PS3 remains a no brainer. But my next console will be a wii.

As fer the mobiles, my heart remains set on the iphone, but the ridiculous price tag ( I can get a wii for much less u know), plus the fact that iphone clones can be had for around half the price make it tough to justify.

What the hell, dissing the iphone is the luxury of the haves. So let this have not progress in life to own one and join the crowd of those who say “ it’s too much of a luxury”..


well, here i am, after a very long hiatus. What was I upto? Well, after scraping through college, relatively unscathed, it was time to fulfil certain social obligations and enter the world of jealousy, scheming, comparisons, naked ambition and greed. No, not the cricket field, but corporatedom.

While discretion is definitely the better part of valor when it comes to describing your first paycheck, the first splurge, the first regret, and the realization at the end of six months, that there are no savings worth the name. suffice to say, that certain lessons have been learned.

Hmm, moving onto other things, the world seems to be engrossed in the presidential tamasha going on in the amrika, john mc cain and the GOP must be rubbing hands in glee. Hell of a head start to a presidential campaign if you ask me.

Congrats to dhoni and company. All of a sudden, the same guy who was questioned for dropping Sourav ( Gasp!! The audacity!! The gall of it!!) is now being hailed as a visionary!!

Here’s hoping history remembers me that kindly.
Well, consider this more as a prologue. There’s more to come, more regularly from now on.

Cheers all