Wednesday, January 17, 2007

of nonsense and ability

You know something; I was reading the newspaper in the morning. And one thing caught my eye. I read that there was more outrage and anger expressed by the English, over the alleged racist remarks directed against shilpa shetty, than when the video tape of saddam's execution was shown, on prime time news television.

And then, I turn to that paragon of balanced reportage, the epitome of unbiased opinion, the BBC (note the caps)..

What do I see? reports of Gordon Brown's comments in India, where he said stuff to the effect that UK was a multicultural society, and that any programme on TV, that gave an impression to the contrary, was open to govt scrutiny..

Hmmm.. Mission accomplished, producers of big brother, I would say. you have managed to get the best advertising that one could ever have asked for( imagine, PATNA Shilpa fan association is protesting against the racist conduct, in big brother), for a prog, that sells itself on the baser and sleazier conducts of people, shut off from their normal surroundings.

Wait, what's archith saying? Isn’t this the same programme that is being aired called big boss?

Well dearie, what we are seeing in India, is kind of like the Indonesian playboy.. Just Google big brother and go to some 5 results and you will see what I am talking about..

It’s sad, that people can't see through sham, when it's being thrown at their face.. the whole situation's so beautifully orchestrated( she even cried, CRIED!!!!), it's as obvious as the fact that India wont won the next 2 world cups, that it's all scripted.

One more prime example I would say, of the age old adage- the public is an ass, that doesn’t recognise a beating, when it's given one..

Iraq, saddam, big brother.. We’ve got a long way to go baby..

In other things, I saw a superb match between baghdatis and Gael monfils.. hands down, the best match of the tournament, not because of the comeback, as I think safin's was better, but for the quality of tennis, that was produced..

And monfils came back from the brink of exhaustion, to win the 4th set, 6-0..

I think, in a season or two, this guy could become the roger beater all of us are searching for..

Well, that just about wraps things up, for now, but I must mention, that we are in for a super super weekend..

all EPL fans, better get your trumpets and team songs ready... with Chelsea and Liverpool and arsenal and MAN U(woo hoo!!!) squaring off, there couldn’t have been a better reason for me, to have opted for a set top box..

Ciao till the next time