Monday, February 05, 2007

Losing Neverland

When chocolate’s too fatty, ice cream too cold,

it’s a sure sign, that you’re getting old.

When cartoon network, induces a yawn,

but Ayn rand, keeps you up till dawn.

(most satisfying line I ever wrote)

A visit to a barber, you did not care,

of the state of the abundant hair.

Each clipped strand, now a cause for care,

for that patch of scalp, now laid bare.

Days were once, when you run for miles,

a whole day outside, brought about a smile.

Now you remember those days way back,

when that potbelly was, once a six pack.

when once, you just could not stand girls,

fussy and snooty, obsessed with their curls.

now you rack your brains, invent some guile,

to make them reward you, with a smile.

When a pass book was abstract, mind numbing bore,

Fashion of the day, turned your eye sore.

When each day was different, from the one just spent.

Weekends and weekdays, now no longer different.

As I wrote this, I realized,

I’ve grown older too.

if you agreed more than once,

then so have you.